Save the date:
VisionAward_18 & VisionenSymposium_18: 5th June 2018




Save the date:      

10th April 2018!

Our world of life and work is changing unstoppably!

Anyone wishing to get to grips with our future living and working environment will find exciting ideas, interesting discussion partners and exemplary future-oriented business models with the VisionAward winners at the symposium.

The Symposium

For more than ten years we have been making visions with our symposium: Humans. Media. Marketing and the presentation of the VisionAwards are at the forefront when it comes to tracking innovative ideas and trends. Our future topic 2018, which will be addressed by renowned speakers at the symposium, is entitled "Change the Game!"

The VisionAward

Since 2006, VisionAwards have been given to young and established companies and entrepreneurs who set new trends with a new business idea.
The VisionAward winners of the last few years include well-known companies such as Amiando (XING Events), Brands for Friends, Betterplace, Last. fm, Lilium, myTaxi and Bragi Dash. 

Call for applications

Companies, entrepreneurs and scientists can now apply for a VisionAward_18. More on this page below. In 2017, the jury chose these three award winners: free machines, Lilium Aviation and rfrnz. For the first time, the jury also presented a VisionAward Talents. This was awarded to students of the TU Munich with their project WARR Hyperloop.


VisionenSymposium_18 and
Presentation of VisionAwards_18 on 5th June 2018

visionen_after_work: 10 April 2018

Christian Lindener:

Make the elephant dance!

The dirty truth about start-up and corporate collaboration programs. The irony of companies wanting to act like start-ups.

Eight weeks before the VisionenSymposium_18 and the presentation of the VisionAwards_18, we are organizing another relaxed after-work event on April 10,2018. Our speaker this evening is Christian Lindener, Managing Director Wayra:

From the reorganization and dismantling of hierarchy levels to the purchase of start-ups and the renunciation of the obligatory tie and jacket - what big companies are trying to do to be as fast and flexible as start-ups. In his lecture, Christian Lindener examines what goes wrong with the "big ones" in the context of digital transformation and what one can really learn from the "little ones".

Admission 18.30 hrs / starts 19.00 hrs
Many thanks to Deloitte Digital for sponsoring the venue.
An event in cooperation with the MedienNetzwerk Bayern.

Registration with one click here!

Call for applications VisionAward_18

Companies, entrepreneurs and scientists can now apply for a VisionAward_18. There are two ways of participating: Potential award winners from all sectors and from all over Europe can apply themselves or are proposed for the jury meeting by jury members. A total of up to five VisionAwards_18 will be awarded, depending on the jury's decision.

An application that should not exceed four A4 pages must contain the following information in German or English:
Name of the company or project
Contact person for queries, address, web address
Detailed description of the activities
Rough economic indicators or short business plan
Fee: € 345, - plus VAT per submission
Closing date for entries: 31 March 2018, 11 pm (arrival!).

The jury will decide on the number of winners. Each award winner can present himself or herself at the symposium for 15 minutes.
Subject to change without notice. Applications received after this deadline cannot be considered.
Please send your entries to:
c/c/c - VisionAwards_18 - Ulrich Clef, Michael-Huber-Weg 6,81667 Munich, Germany or:
post[at] visionaward. de with the subject "Application VisionAward_18".

The jury

This independent and interdisciplinary jury will decide on the VisionAwards_18:


Ulrich Clef, Managing Partner c/c/c  
Michael Geffken, Managing Director Leipzig School of Media
Maks Giordano, Managing Director & Co-Founder Kreait
Prof. Dr. Beate Gleitsmann, Rhine University of Applied Sciences Cologne
Richard Gutjahr, Journalist
Henriette Hager, strategy consultant
Dr. Ulrike Handel, CEO Dentsu Aegis Network
Andreas Harting, Managing Director Deloitte Digital
Dr. Hans-Peter Kleebinder, Lecturer
Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kölzer, Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences
Svenja Lassen, Senior Editor Cosmopolitan 
Christian Lindner, Managing Director Wayra
Wolfgang Lünenbürger-Reidenbach, MD Cohn & Wolfe
Prof. Dr. Thomas Osburg. University of Applied Sciences Fresenius
Mareike Raabe, Head of Open Innovation Sky Play Hub
Robert Richter, Google EMEA Broadcast, Media & Entertain. Partnerships
Florian Rickert, Head of Accelerator LMU Entrepreneurship Center
Birgit Ströbel, consultant
Helmut Sußbauer, Innovation Catalyst Deutsche Telekom
Stefan Sutor, MedienNetzwerk Bayern & Media Lab Bayern
Mathias Wündisch, Managing Director Publicis Pixelpark München
Dr. Dominique Ziegelmayer, Director Trusted Enterprise
Prof. Hansjörg Zimmermann, Macromedia University of Applied Sciences Munich


Subject to alterations and additions.

Svenja Lassen
Ulrich Clef
Michael Geffken
Mareike Lassner
Florian Rickert
Maks Giordano
Henriette Hager
Mathias Wündisch
Stefan Sutor
Helmut Sußbauer
Hans-Peter Kleebinder
Beate Gleitsmann
Andreas Harting
Ulrike Handel
Hansjörg Zimmermann
Birgit Ströbel
Wolfgang Lünenbürger-Reidenbach
Dominique Ziegelmayer
Brigitte Kölzer
Robert Richter
Thomas Osburg
Richard Gutjahr Foto: (c) M. Vietmeier
Christian Lindner

VisionenSymposium_17 and presentation VisionAwards_17 on 23rd May 2017.

By clicking on the pictures you can see a three-minute video about the VisionAwards_17 and the Visionen Symposium in German language on YouTube.

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