Looking back at our visions

Since 2003, over 100 speakers and jury members have dared to take a look into the future. Every year new trends and new technologies, new business models and new entrepreneurs. Excitement, interesting conversations and know-how guaranteed.

Here you will only find a short review of each event. Detailed information about our previous events is only available on this website in German.


Die VisionAwards_22 wurden am 17. Oktober 2022 im Presseclub München vergeben. Die Veranstaltung startete mit einer Keynote von Nicole Büttner unter dem Titel "What A.I, can learn from the Mafia". Anschließend wurden drei Start-ups mit einem VisionAward_22 ausgezeichnet:

  • Cyclize
  • SUMM
  • Unleash Future Boats

Anschließend diskutierte Gastgeber Ulrich Clef mit Nicole Büttner, Matthias Matuschik und Seda Röder zum Thema Wie sich die Arbeitg von Journalisten und Künstlern in der digitalen Welt verändert.

Videos von Keynote, Verleihung der VisionAwards_22 und anschließender Diskussion sehen Sie mit einem ► Klick hier.


Online-Event mit zahlreichen Zuschauern aus Deutschland, der Schweiz, Dubai, Südafrika und den USA statt Face-to-Face-Symposium und -Gala in München. Auch mit nur einer Handvoll Gäste im Studio wurde die Verleihung der VisionAwards-20 zu einem hochinteressanten Ereignis. Mir "verantwortlich" dafür die inspirierende Keynote von Pascal Finette.

Die Preisträger VisionAward_20:

Videos von der Veranstaltung - Keynote & Diskussion sowie Verleihung der VisionAwards, Präsentationen und Talks - sowie einen detaillierten Bericht und zahlreiche Fotos sehen Sie mit einem ► Klick hier.

VisionenSymposium_18: Change the Game!

Four award winners from different industries and four top speakers at the VisionenSymposium_18 symposium discussed exciting topics related to the motto Change the Game! Following the twelfth presentation of the VisionAwards, the celebrations continued deep into the night with Italian delicacies and tasty drinks in the "Mezzanotte" exclusively reserved for the participants.

The speakers 2018: Robert Ehlert (COO new direction), Carina de Beauval Saxlund (Innovation Labs, China Payment Expert / Wirecard AG), Alexander Marten (Chief Innovation Evangelist / Telekom AG) and Johann Romefort (Tech Evangelyst Stylight).

The winners of the VisionAward_18:

The awards were presented by Georg Eisenreich (Minister for Digital, Media and Europe), Peter Kammerer (Deputy General Manager of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria) and Siegfried Schneider (President of the BLM) - together with the jury.

You can see videos of the event by clicking YOUTUBE.


Our new format visionen_after_work, which will be held twice a year in the future - in spring and late autumn/winter - premiered on November 28, 2017 in the event space of the MedienNetwork Bayern. At the short informal meetings, one speaker will give a more general talk so that we can discuss another drink afterwards.

Maks Giordano opened with a sold-out house with his inspiring "Digital Review of the Year" on topics of the digital world, which moved us in 2017 and will undoubtedly still move us in 2018. You can watch the complete presentation of Maks Giordano on YouTube.

VisionAwards_15 & VisionenSymposium_15

Four highly interesting award winners and six top speakers at the VisionenSymposium_15 in the forum of the Munich Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and about 130 guests at the following MediaSummerNight in Fabbrica - it was a successful afternoon and evening.

The speakers 2015: Jörg Blumtritt, Datarella, Ulrich Clef, c/c/c, Andreas Gall, Red Bull Media House, Matthias Kröner, Fidor Bank, Wolfgang Lünenbürger-Reidenbach, Cohn & Wolfe, and Dr. Ansgar Mayer, Computer Bild.

The award winners 2015:
ADDACT - Fanpowered concerts
TRIPSUIT - Finding the right destination
SHIPCLOUD - Multi-Carrier-Shipping
BE PART OF IT - Enjoy live concerts everywhere you go!

VisionAwards_13 & VisionenSymposium_13

Approximately 200 invited guests attended the VisionenSymposium_13 on June 26, 2013 at the forum of the IHK and in the evening to the MedienSommerNacht with presentation of the VisionAwards_13 in the "Gobelinsaal" in the Munich Lenbach Palais. In addition to the presentation of the awards, there were several good reasons to celebrate in the evening: 10 years of the VisionenSymposium and 20 years of c/c/c.

Speakers 2013: Dr. Hans-Peter Kleebinder, Audi, Wolfgang Lünenbürger-Reidenbach, Attention, Prof. Alexander Moutchnik, MD.H, Moritz Roth, Microsoft, and Horst Wagner, Pixelpark.

The award winners 2013:
AoTerra - Cloud-based computing power & eco-friendly. heat
Deutschland rundet auf - Independent donation organisation
Refined Invest - Automated investment on the stock exchange
SmartConcierge - Selected home and personal services
Tiramizoo - Same day delivery for branches and online shops

Video of Visionen-Symposium_13 and VisionAward_13 auf YouTube with one click here.

VisionAwards_11 & VisionenSymposium_11

The VisionAwards_11 were presented on September 7, 2011. The award ceremony took place during the "Communication Day" of c/c/c, Publicis and Zenith Media in Munich.

The award winners 2011:
my Taxi - The new way to order a taxi
quu.fm - Web radio platforms for brands and companies
Seedmatch - Online platform for crowdfunding
Betterplace - Donation platform

VisionAwards_08 & VisionenSymposium_08

The VisionAwards_08 were presented on July 2, 2008. The award ceremony took place in the Kunsthalle Lothringer Straße of the city of Munich following the VisionenSymposium in the large hall of the IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria at Lenbachplatz.

The award winners 2008:
15 TALENTS - The marketplace for companies and students
amiando - Online event registration and ticketing
brands4friends - Online Shopping Club
Tauschzone - Free online product exchange
telewebber - Live TV on the PC


The congress Visions: Humans. Media. Marketing took place on July 21, 2005 in the newly opened forum of HypoVereinsbank in the Munich city centre.

The speakers in 2005: Dr. Wulf Bauerfeld, Telekom, Frank Diederichs, Viasprojects, Manfred Hasenbeck, BurdaYukom, Kai Howaldt, Roland Berger Consultants, Dr. Martin Hüfner, HVB, Ralph Hüsgen, Start, Gerald Hütter, Siemens, Joachim Scharioth, TNS Infratest and Stephan Schlote, werben & verkaufen.


On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of c/c/c Clef Creative Communications, the symposium Visionen: Humans. Media. Marketing took place for the first time on July 22, 2003. As a consulting and communications company, it was the goal of the managing partner Ulrich Clef to organise a small, high class congress that deals with the future of the media in a truly up-to-date and independent way and offers plenty of opportunity for personal discussions. The venue was the conference centre of the "GZM Gründerzentrum München", where c/c/c had its offices at that time.

The 10th anniversary of c/c/c was duly celebrated after the symposium: At the c/c/c birthday party on the terrace of the club P1, the large MedienSommerFest, which was staged several times by c/c/c in the 1990s, was revived. As a live act Gerry & Gary provided a lot of fun.

Speakers of the first symposium: Verena Adami, MTV, Christoph Berdi, Absatzwirtschaft, Thomas Diehl, KarstadtQuelle AG, Thomas A. Kramer, Freihafen, and Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dieter Ring, BLM.

VisionAward_23 & VisionenSymposium_23

Verleihung der VisionAwards_23 und 20 Jahre VisionenSymposium am 6. Juli 2023.

Erstes Highlight des Jahres war Visionen_After_Work im Februar 2023 in Zoom: Yat Siu & Andria Kreye in coversation on the Ownership of the Metaverse. Den Mitschnitt der Diskussion sehen Sie mit einem ► Klick hier als Video in unserem Rückblick 2023.

VisionAward_21 &

Aufgrund der Pandemie fand "Visionen_After_Work" weiterhin nur onlione statt. Mit den VisionAwards waren wir im Herbst bei den Medientagen München im Forum des Deutschen Museums zu Gast.

Zu unseren Highlights 2021 zählten

Verleihung der VisionAwards_21 an

  • Biofabrik
  • Coldplasmatech
  • Neurocat
  • True Ocean sowie einen
  • VisionAward_Talents an das Projekt Moufense von der Goethe Universität in Frankfurt

Vortrag "The Speed of AI" und Diskussion mit Carsten Kraus, Gründer & CEO der CK-Holding

Mit einem ► Klick hier sehen Sie Videos unserer Veranstaltungen 2021.


In their presentations and the subsequent joint discussion with initiator Ulrich Clef, top speakers from science and business highlighted the numerous facets of the topic of the 16th VisionenSymposium from various perspectives: Among others, Prof. Axel Ockenfels from the University of Cologne and scientific advisor to the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, and Dr. Anton Schäfer from T-Systems International were among the speakers. The international perspective was provided by Sascha Pallenberg, Head of Digital Transformation Daimler AG, and Xueping Li, CEO of Shanghai Daimay Automotive Europe.

The winners of the VisionAward_19:
Green City Soultions

VisionAward_Environment: Ocean Waste Recover / Port Energy Logiytics
VisionAward_Talents: Green Grubs
The awards were presented by Prof. Dr. Axel Freeimuth (Rector of the University of Cologne), Ulf Reichardt (Managing Director of the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and the jury members present.

You can see videos of the event (in German) by clicking on YouTube.

VisionAwards_17 & VisionenSymposium_17

Four award winners from different industries and six top speakers at the VisionenSymposium_17 discussed exciting topics around the topic of artificial intelligence. After the eleventh presentation of the VisionAwards_17, various delicacies and tasty drinks were celebrated on the 32nd floor of the Highlight Towers, high above Munich until well into the night.

The speakers in 2017: Prof. Dr. Detlef Schoder (University of Cologne), Sebastian Küpers (Publicis Pixelpark), Andreas Harting and Maximilian Möller (Deloitte Digital) as well as Dr. Dominique Ziegelmayer (Trusted Shops).

The winners of the VisionAward_17:
Free Machines - Control of customer interactions based on artificial intelligence
rfrnz - Contract Intelligence Software
Lilium - the world's first ultralight, electrically powered vertical take-off jet
VisionAward_17 Talents special: WARR Hyperloop
The awards were presented by Peter Driessen (CEO of the IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria) and Siegfried Schneider (president of BLM) - together with the jury.

Click on YouTube to watch a video of the event.

VisionAwards_16 & VisionenSymposium_16

Five VisionAward winners from different industries and ten top speakers at the Visionen symposium in the conference centre of the Design Offices in the Highlight Towers discussed exciting topics around the topic of digital transformation, which makes our living and working world smarter and presented innovations for a better quality of life. After the tenth presentation of the VisionAwards, various delicacies and tasty drinks were celebrated until late at night high above the roofs of Munich.

Speakers 2016: Martina Raschke, Zukunftswerk, Ulrich Clef, c/c/c, Andreas Harting, Deloitte Digital, Dr. Oliver Bohl, Payback, Miriam Wohlfarth, Ratepay, Martin Hauschild, BMW Group, Dirk von Gehlen, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Andreas Lenge, Instigo, Dr. Ursula Hudson, Slow Food Deutschland, and Dr. Hermann Waldhauser, Heussen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft.

The winners of the VisionAward_16:
KONTEXLAB - Non-linear Storytelling. Complex contents
Q DIVISION - With our kind of data more relevance, impact, revenue
INFARM - Indoor farming for fresh fruit and vegetables in cities
VisionAward_16 female future:
TANDEMPLOY - Flexible working models through innovative HR software
VisionAward_16 social:
KIRON - Higher education for refugees

VisionAwards_14 & VisionenSymposium_14

Four highly interesting award winners and ten top speakers at the VisionenSymposium_14 at the forum of the Munich Chamber of Industry and Commerce and around 150 guests at the subsequent MediaSummerNight at the Kunsthaus Maximilian - it was a thoroughly successful afternoon and evening.

Speakers 2014: Steffen Hopf, Yahoo, Christoph Krachten, Mediakraft Networks, David Weingartner, OuiShare, Peter Schulz, Sky, Dr. Cai-Nicolas Ziegler, XING Events, and Christo Zonnev, Interone. Presented by: Ulrich Clef, c/c/c, and Karolin Oltersdorf, Sky.

The award winners 2014:
52 Masterworks - Collecting art together
Bragi - Most exciting wearable concept
Gini - Makes paperwork easy
VibeWrite - The first pen that vibrates when you're committed to it

VisionenSymposium 2014 and VisionAward_14 also on YouTube.

VisionAwards_12 & VisionenSymposium_12

The VisionAwards_12 were presented on 16 October 2012. The award ceremony took place in the foyer of the communications agency Publicis München, which was specially redesigned for the evening.

The award winners 2012:
flinc - Carpooling offers for companies and private individuals
streetpay - credit card payments mobile - always and everywhere
streetspotr - App for micro-jobs
wynsh - Shopping Navigator App

Click here to watch a video of the VisionAwards_12 presentation on YouTube.

VisionAwards_09 & VisionenSymposium_09

The VisionAwards_09 were presented on April 1, 2009. The award ceremony took place following the VISIONEN: Menschen. Medien. Marketing symposium at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Munich and Upper Bavaria on Lenbachplatz.

Speakers in 2009: Robert Bosch, Axel Springer AG, Michael Konitzer, Ray Sono AG, Dr. Markus Kreher, KPMG AG, and Carsten Leininger, iPublish

The award winners 2009:
RadAlert.de - the innovative radar early warning system from Sixt
bookrix.com - web your book
rjdj.me - composing with the iPhone
zehn.de - successful cloud application with smart lists

VisionAwards_06 & VisionenSymposium_06

The congress Visions: Humans. Media. Marketing took place on 24 and 25 July 2006 in the forum of the IHK Munich. The VisionAwards_06 were presented for the first time on July 24, 2006 at the MediaSummerNight in the SkyLounge some 60 meters above the city in front of 180 invited guests. The winners:
Last. fm - Individualized music streaming online
Roland Berger Strategy Consultants - Mobile internal communication

Speakers 2006: Swantje Benussi, PbS, Sven Dörrenbecher, DaimlerChrysler, Ronald Focken, Serviceplan, Max Giordano, Iconmobile, Dr. Stefan Glänzer, mybolg, Florian Gmeinwieser, Plan.Net mobile, Manfred Hasenbeck, BurdaYukom Publishing, Lars Hennersdorf, O2 Germany, Hans-Dieter Hillmoth, Radio/Tele FFH, Michael Hülsiggensen, Albis Payment Services, Stefan Kellner, plazes, Manfred Klaus, Plan.Net, Gerald Mauler, DIZ Munich, Philipp Schindler, Google, Christoph Schuh, TomorrowFocus, Sven Slazenger, InterLake, Terry von Bibra, Yahoo, Thomas Wanhoff, Podcastverband and Martin Witt, debitel AG.


The congress Visions: Humans. Media. Marketing took place on 18 May 2004 at the "GZM Gründerzentrum München" with a subsequent get-together in Unterföhring.

The speakers in 2004: Peter C. Dumont, Dumont & Dearest, Florian Haller, Serviceplan, Thilo Hartung, Viewin, Manfred Krupp, Campus Media, Lars Thomsen, future matters, Robert-Loouis Ostertag, O2, Wilfried Reiners, PRW Rechtsanwälte, Arno Schäfer, HVB and Timo Schneckenburger, Astra.

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